When Did P.E. Become Fun Again?

Picture of students in Go Noodle

Mr. McCarty’s students participate with Go Noodle.

How do you use GoNoodle in your classroom?! For those who have not heard about this awesome program, you have now. GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus activities are designed for interactive physical and participatory learning. Kids will follow fun and often catchy rhymes, dances, shakes, and repeat-after-mes.  

Once again, how do you use GoNoodle in your classroom?

Teachers are not just using GoNoodle for its fun indoor P.E. activities and lessons. Classrooms across the country are starting to turn their classrooms into CHAMPS. Registration is free, quick, and easy from the GoNoodle website, www.gonoodle.com. Once a teacher account has been created, teachers can project activities and lessons from their classroom projectors. Classrooms will be prompted to select a character for use. It takes about 40 activity videos for your character to ‘evolve in the GoNoodle Transmogrifier’. This will max out your character, allow you to print a completion certificate, and then select another character from the list of possible choices.

With the support of local sponsors, GoNoodle Plus has allowed for more videos to be created, partnerships with individual schools and classrooms, as well as give teachers access to printable lessons and worksheets that link to topics and standards that a video attempts to teach about.

How cool is that?!

Free graphic organizers, writing prompts, and lesson plans that teach physical fitness, strength training, nutrition, and goal setting skills that all students should know.

GoNoodle videos are shown every hour on the hour in Room 12. I have several alarms on my phone and the kids love hearing “Who Let The Dogs Out” (Woof..woof woof, woof woof)! Next, the students know that they have earned the right to quickly move around the room where they have room to participate. Like many of my own students, I do not like sitting down for too long, and these mini activities get the students up and out of their chair, socially participating, listening, moving and engaging with their classmates. Finally, it’s back to work! This Brain Break has allowed my 10-year-olds to get out their frustrations, be silly, have fun, burn calories, and get back to work with minimal effort.

Other opportunities to use GoNoodle in your classroom might include:

Whether you are an expert GoNoodler using CHAMPS every which way you can imagine, or a new teacher looking for classroom management strategies for your very first classroom, (or anywhere in between) GoNoodle is for you!

Feel free to watch the video linked here. My classroom was selected as GoNoodle’s Classroom of the Month in December of 2017.

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