Virtual Math Manipulatives

Have you ever wished that every student in your classroom had their own manipulatives like a geo board, fraction set, number line, pattern blocks, set of money, and more? Have you ever thought it takes up too much time to get all those math manipulatives out? Have you ever wanted to provide a fast math visual in your lesson delivery, but it just takes too long to draw or you aren’t the best artist when it comes to drawing all those straight lines?

What if I could show you how you to do all this and more in seconds! That’s right you can with The Math Learning Center. You can get FREE math apps on every students chrome book. No more time wasting, no more all my students don’t have one, no more skipping that visual. Not when it’s this easy! Talk about making connections and engagement for your students!


Step 1:  Go this web address.

Lindsay 1

Step 2: Click the App you want (ie: Geoboard)

Lindsay 2

Step 3: Scroll down and you’ll see three options for how to get it, Open Web App, Apple App Store, and Chrome Store. Select and click Chrome Store.

lindsay 3

Step 4: Select and click ADD TO CHROME

Lindasy 4

Step 5: Select and click Add App

Lindsay 5

Step 6: It will download and automatically and open to your Chrome Apps. If you close your Apps don’t fret. You can always find the Chrome Apps anytime by clicking on the multi-color grid that says Apps.

Lindsay 6

Step 7: Now click your new free App and explore what it can do. (ie: Money)

Lindsay 7

What does it do?

Step 1: Once App is open select $1.00 bill.

Lindsay 8

Step 2: Click on the screen. The $1.00 will appear and more. Then Select a new denomination. (ie: quarter)

Lindsay 9

Step 3: Click on the screen where you want to place the quarter. Then select some more denominations and place them on the screen where you want them on the screen. (ie: Quarters)

Lindsay 10

Step 4: Click around and explore. Look at the tool bar below that allows you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and so much more.

Don’t forget to get all the FREE math Apps and play around with them to see how they can help save you time, enhance your math lessons, make connections in math, and engage the students. Each student can have the FREE math Apps on their chrome books too. They just need to follow the steps above on their individual chrome books or you can put it on each students chrome book. (Editors note: You can also have the app installed on all of the chromebooks in your cart. Just email Wayne Stagnaro with the name of the app and your cart number.)


Blog Post By: Lindsay Kumar, Instructional Coach Monroe Elementary School

4 thoughts on “Virtual Math Manipulatives

  1. Love it! Went to ETC conference and this was one of my favorites😀. However, I’ve been to Making Math Real conference and I have questions about the abstract nature of the computer screen compared to the concrete manipulation of real objects.


    • Hi, I attended that on Saturday too! I was suprised to see it was exactly what I wrote my blog about, but I still loved it! Actually going to that PD pushed me to hold a PD on virtual math manipulatives.

      Anyhow, onto the concern/statement of abstract. I am in many classrooms with with students K-8, and every time I am amazed at how intelligent the students are with technology. Technology always reminds me of just another learning style/modality. Thinking back on my credential program courses we focused on multiple modalities of learning. There was visual, auditory, kinestic… I find that technology is just another modality. Recently I’ve been working in a 2nd grade class. There is one kiddo who is constantly under performing. However, when we starting working with these apps he has been having no problem. He is one of the first to make connections with it. I feel like we have found his modality of learning. We should still have the “real deal” too of course. I am not suggesting replacement. I am suggesting another way. However, I don’t think of virtual manipulatives as abstract. I think of them as more concrete like the “real deal” manipulatives.


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