Connected Productivity

By Austin Cushman

As we look towards the future for our students and their employability skills, it is critical they develop their skills using cloud computing. Fortunately, most younger students are getting those skills in their education, with my adult students needing to accelerate their learning because they are already in or soon will be in the workplace.

Google Drive and G Suite have become powerful tools for my classroom and adult students. Student’s ability to comfortably navigate these systems will prepare them for any future careers and also help them assist in their children’s learning. There is a strong emphasis on career tech skills, especially for the adult student. Their ability to learn and adapt to new apps and systems is very important.  Even if they enter a job that doesn’t use the same technology they are using in class, having the basic skills will allow them to quickly learn and adapt to any technology being used in their new career. It is very rewarding to see a new student who had very little computer and cloud experience easily navigate and be able teach other new students how to use Google Drive & G Suite in just a few days.  

In the past few years, Google has been building a larger market share in the education and private sector with Google Drive and G Suite. While Microsoft is competing with Google with its Office 365 (1), many school districts like ours are getting to 1:1 devices for our students and working in the Google environment. Chromebooks are now being used in over 50% of classroom devices in North America (2). This reminds of a time when Apple cornered the education market in the 1980’s – 1990’s, leaving Microsoft to catch up. Now, Google with a large share of the education market, Microsoft is trying to catch up, again. How Google Took Over The Classroom

With more and more articles like these, it is evident the more skilled in cloud computing students are, the more employable they are.

As we prepare our students for life in the 21st Century, the use of Google Drive and G Suite will continue to be a valuable tool for information sourcing and productivity, enhancing their lifelong learning.


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