What’s For Homework?

Are you tired of parents bugging you about homework after school hours? If so, hear me out. Imagine about your longest day at work, and you’re finally home to enjoy quality time with your children or family members. Yet some parents are trying to Class Dojo you that their child forgot his/her homework at school. Or better yet, that their child doesn’t know what’s for homework. What should you do? Your students need a copy of the homework right away and you’re not anywhere near a computer to email a copy to them.

Image of a Google Calendar embedded into a Weebly website.

By linking your homework assignments into your Google Calendar, and then embedding your calendar into your Weebly website, parents can have access to homework assignments 24/7.

My solution to this problem is very simple.  First, make sure that all your homework files are all digital copies in your google drive. If not, scan them and put it in your drive right now. Second, make sure that you create a free website.  In my case, I decided to use Weebly and share with my grade level. Next create a Google Calendar and link all the daily homework assignments to it. Within this Google Calendar, you can also add upcoming events and project due dates. Then link the calendar to your online class website.  

From this point on, you can direct the parents to your website to see and download the homework assignments. If parents have their children’s school gmail or any @stocktonusd.org account, they will be able to access the assignments right away. If they only have a regular gmail account, parents will have to request permission and google will send you a notification to your phone to allow the sharing for parents. With only a tap on your phone, homework assignments will be shared, and you can get back quickly to enjoy time with your family.

What Are My Grades?

Most parents and students would like to know what their grades are in my class. As a teacher, I wanted to find a way to share my students’ grade so they know exactly where they stand in class at any given moment throughout the school year. Of course there are many awesome yearly prepaid grading programs out there, but I wanted one that can easily be share with their school gmail. Thus, I decided to go with Google Sheets. Since Google Sheet can be share with students flawlessly.

Image of a gradebook spreadsheetOnce I created this master Google Sheet to keep track of my students’ grades, I ran into a problem. I realize that if I share my master sheet, my students will get to see all their classmates’ grades. So I decided to research online and found a solution.

Image of an individual student's grade spreadsheetAll I needed to do was create a separate Google Sheet for each of my students. I used the formula =importrange(“mastersheet google sheet name”,”A1:A9”) to import those cells to each individual student’s Google Sheet. This way they will only see their grades and not the whole class.

By seeing their grades live, I notice a few benefits among parents, students, and myself. Most students tend to want to turn in their classwork/homework ontime. In addition doing their best on the test as this helps improve their overall grades. Most importantly, I don’t have any parents or students complaining about their grades by the end of each trimester.