The Importance of Typing Skills

20161031_123530I cannot stress the importance of typing enough.  As our district continues to move closer towards a digital classroom philosophy, teachers are also discovering the benefits that come with creating digital assignments for their students.  From word documents to online presentations, there are a number of valuable tools that teachers use to assess student learning.  One concern is that some teachers are not taking their student’s typing skills into consideration.  In my experience, those students who possess basic or fairly-advanced typing skills have a better advantage when it comes to not only finishing assignments, but completing their work accurately. is  great website I use, where students can log in and track their progress.  It is loaded with lessons, as well as games.  What I really like about this website is that it shows proper finger placement for each letter when struck, and even gets progressively more difficult as users progress through each lesson.  Here are 3 reasons why teachers should actively encourage their students to practice typing in the classroom:

  • Saves your students time

If any of your students doubt this is true, consider the average person can type around 40 words per minute (wpm) in comparison to someone who writes 10-15 wpm.  A simple classroom demonstration would also set their curiosities at ease.  Explaining to your students that you can cut the grunt work in half…or more, will usually be met with raised eyebrows and gasps around the room.  Once students are fully aware of this fact, the buy-in will be plentiful.  Students truly value their time, and if they can work independently in a more efficient manner, they will be able to accomplish much more than they originally could.     

  • Saves you time

I cannot count how many times I have had students interject during lecture, and request that I slow down my Prezi or Slideshare as they hand write their notes.  I became so tired of having my students slow down my instruction, that I now have my students take the majority of their notes online.  Google Docs has become a life-saver, and more importantly a time-saver.  My lessons run much more smoothly, and students spend less time copying notes, and more time discussing the given content collaboratively.       

  • College and Career Ready

Let’s face it, typing is not only preferred, it’s a necessity in the workforce.  Employers aren’t just looking for technical skills from their potential employees, it’s pretty much expected.  Good luck trying to turn in an application that is completely handwritten these days.  Students can also expect this to be the case when they move onto higher education.  Typing 5 paragraph essays is one thing in the 8th grade, wait until they have to type a 5 page essay in high school…or a 25 page term paper in college.  Communicating to your students how invaluable typing skills are is as important as telling them to get a good night’s rest before an exam…or, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.    

David Fiore

January 3rd, 2018

EdTech Cadre

Taft Elementary