Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media logosFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are four of the most highly used social media apps that are used by students.  Schools have filtered these apps from their web servers.


Facebook Screen shot

Facebook can be an effective tool for communicating with the community about events on campus.

Social media has changed the world in a lot of positive aspects. It can be used as an educational tool by being used in a classroom or a school setting. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others can provide a platform where users can exchange ideas and find answers to questions with one another and boost student interaction. You can also use social media for announcements, news, and/ or events that are going on at schools such as the Chavez High School Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also build communication skills with social media, which is a great need for this generation. We find that students who are antisocial, shy, or who will not speak up for themselves or raise their hand in class might be more comfortable using these platforms and interacting with others online. Social media can also enable teachers to reach out to students and their parents.  

Twitter screen shot

Twitter is another tool that can help schools get the word out about things happening at school

Other social media sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed allow students to communicate on a professional level when they are trying to find a job or connect with community leaders. Resumes can be posted allowing interested companies to view and connect with potential employees. I believe social media is a great tool to be used in classroom settings as long as it is closely monitored.